Croston Conveyancing Solicitors

Courtesy of employing experienced property lawyers our Croston Conveyancing Solicitors will be on hand to support you with your house buying or selling needs.


Our team of experts will provide the support you’ll need to conclude your transaction as quickly and as speedily as possible. Additionally we will offer you a fixed fee conveyancing service so you can budget for what is usually the single largest financial transaction a person will ever make.


We always endeavour to include you in the process and explain the individual steps that are needed to complete your house sale or purchase. Correspondingly our Croston team will assist with the following conveyancing transactions;

  • House Buying and Selling
  • Dealing with Freehold and Leaseholds
  • Transfers of Equity (removing someone or adding them to a property)
  • Remortgage conveyancing
  • Tenancy Agreements and Lease Extensions

In addition to helping those needing to buy or sell houses, we also have a team of family solicitors who are available to support those going through a divorce. Unfortunately this has become a timely issue with specific regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.


To summarise matters, if you are looking for a local conveyancing solicitor to assist with the house buying process please call or email us at your convenience and we will try our utmost to help.



Davies McGrath
Croston Conveyancing Solicitors

Tel: 01704 829 681