The EU Leave campaigner Arron Banks has seemingly become embroiled in a row with Noel Edmonds, the television presenter, over claims that he is owed more than £1 million by the celebrity.

Best known as the presenter of the Channel 4 game show ‘Deal or No Deal’ Mr Edmonds has been accused by Mr Banks of moving to New Zealand to avoid paying what he claims amounts to a £1.34 million debt. Mr Banks claims that the presenter owes his company the money as a result of his high-profile battle to recover millions of pounds from the Lloyds Banking Group.

Mr Edmonds covered his legal costs for the fight by taking out an insurance policy from the Legal Protection Group which is wholly owned by Mr Banks. Allegedly a fee for the policy was due when he reached a settlement with the bank however it has been reported that this has not been repaid. As such Mr Banks has launched his legal action.  

Mr Banks bankrolled Nigel Farage’s Brexit campaign and co-founded the Leave.EU campaign in 2015. Upon learning that Mr Edmonds had left the UK he used private investigators and satellite technology to track the missing star to a New Zealand “hideout”.

A UK tabloid quoted Mr Banks as saying, “I’m fuming. Mr Edmonds has run off to a lush part of New Zealand with my money. We backed him when no one else would in his fight with the banks, he won and then he headed for New Zealand without even acknowledging his debt to me and my company. No deal is not an option – cough up, or I will drag you back to the UK to face the music.”

Investigators working for Mr Banks are reported to have tracked down Mr Edmonds by comparing satellite images to images in the backdrop of a local television interview with the presenter. The newspaper claims to have seen the “dossier” amassed by Mr Bank’s team which describe their hunt for “Noel Ernest Edmonds by focusing on the positioning of the swimming pool in relation to the main dwelling house, the spacing of the box hedging visible in the background of the pool shot, and the roofline and relationship between the dwelling house and outbuildings.”

The 71-year-old TV star lives in Auckland with his wife Liz and her 16-year-old son.

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