Returning to a regular way of working is something most people want to see happen, when it is safe to do so. Many countries are now reviewing restrictions as part of the coronavirus response.


Here we look at what employers and employees will have to consider to make a successful transition.


Maintain remote Working


Depending upon the business it could make both practical and financial sense to continue this in the forthcoming times. Reducing admin costs in an office space and increase in productivity from employees through not have to commute are certainly positives and, worked in the right way, can help businesses a great deal.


Management of employees


It is inevitable that some industry’s will have to have their workforces back together and this is where management must deal with the risk of having large volumes of employees together. Employers will have to look at the processes and procedures to ensure that employees are not put at unnecessary risk. Such measures as flexi-time and different working patterns may have to be introduced to keep risk to a minimum.


Change of physical work environment


A lot of businesses will have to consider the physical setup of their premises to ensure compliance with regulations concerning COVID-19. We have seen places such as supermarkets introduce social distancing measures including such as one-way traffic routes, not allowing large groups of people together, and screening for employees. It may well be the case that these measures will be more common in work places across different working environments.


Motivating the Workforce


Having been away from the workplace for a number of weeks, or even months, returning to work can be daunting especially as the workplace may have changed to deal with COVID-19. Motivating the workforce will have to be a priority to show that employees are one of, if not the most, valued asset of a business. Without doubt, providing confidence to employees about the future of not just the business, but industry as a whole, will play a large part. Team-building and morale may well be key!


Infrastructure reviews and update


Support to staff throughout the COVID-19 period has been one key area where firms will have to have had significant reviews and updates. How we work has undoubtedly changed, possibly for good and it’s important to ensure that workers have the infrastructure and support that they need. No doubt this will have to be one area that is reviewed on an ongoing and in more detail than previously.


Communication is Key


Many firms and companies will have found out whether their infrastructure, policies and procedures are robust enough to stand the test of COVID-19. Feedback from employees, clients/customers, and third parties will be key meaning that communication lines have to be clear. Whether it is simple email communication, written feedback or even reviews of the company, details will have to be collated, reviewed and acted upon. Any difficulties in using this essential data may cause loss of confidence in the public and staff.


What have we learnt?


It’s all well and good surviving COVID-19 on a business front, but simply returning to old ways may not be an option that is either desired or practical. During these time companies will no doubt have positive results in people working away from the office and that may build confidence in the way that teams and individuals can work through the toughest of times. Simply putting them back to work without a clear process and updated working environment may well see a lot of good work unravel.



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